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Kansa -The restaurant
Organic Food in an Earthy Ambiance !!

The Orchard’s defining and signature statement is its restaurant, as natural and earthy as it gets, with wooden furniture, wooden and tiled roof, space that can comfortably accommodate more than 120 guests, on 30 plus, comfortably placed tables.
The restaurant and its surroundings reveal multiple layers of serenity and natural beauty making the ambiance unforgettable infectious!! The shoulder-high wooden partition on one side, lets you see through and see above it and drench yourself in the cascading flow of the natural ambiance.

On the other side are the lush-green lawns, the lines of trees – coffee, jack-fruit, mango – a beautiful water tank with a few ducks quacking in joy, the swimming pool which is just a stone’s throw away from the restaurant, all add to the natural mystique as you enjoy our exotic and authentic charcoal based food from Maharashtra. The food will be served in kansa metal which will be a good conductor of heat, thereby keeping food warmer and it’s richer for longer period of time.
The atmosphere and the ambiance around the restaurant is so mesmerizing that you will not want to go back to your cottages after breakfast or lunch.